Thursday, December 3, 2009

diet ideas

DR. HAAS'S THREE BASIC RULES: Dr. Sidney Valentine Haas wrote the first comprehensive text on celiac disease. He did not use a gluten-free diet. He used the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, which he taught to me and I wrote about it in my book, Breaking the Vicious Cycle.
1. You can have all the fruits and vegetables you like with the exception of potatoes, corn, rice and grain. The sugars in fruits and vegetables are in predigested form, monosaccharides. Bananas must be ripe. An unripe banana contains starch. You can have meat, fish and eggs.
2. You cannot have table sugar, maple syrup or molasses which are primarily sucrose (a double sugar, a disaccharide), that the small intestine must split into simple sugars, which people with gastrointestinal problems cannot effectively do. You may have honey, because honey is a pre-digested sugar.
3. You cannot have fluid milk because it contains milk sugar. But you can make yogurt and ferment it for 24 hours, which will get rid of the lactose. You can have certain types of cultured cheeses because the good natural cheeses like havarti, brick and cheddar do not contain lactose.

GRAINS You cannot have grains. Grains contain starch. How do you bake without grains? In Austria, they bake beautiful nut tortes. You grind the nuts in the blender, almonds, pecans or filberts, and add honey, eggs and spices and bake them. It's delicious.

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