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People have made food tastier by adding and/or increasing things such as MSG, fats, sugars, and salt. As a result, nerves have adapted to this higher level of stimulation so that natural food often seems bland and offer little pleasure. Readaptation to natural foods can take up to 3 months. It can also be accomplished by a week-long water fast.

Natural Hygiene diet guidelines from Gerald Benesh, D.C:
  • Eat only when hungry.
  • It is best not to eat between meals or at bedtime.
  • Do not drink water with meals. Drink water 15 minutes before meals or two hours after a meal.
  • Eat moderately and chew your food well. Use no condiments, salt or spices or alcoholic drinks. That includes coffee and tea.
  • Do not eat when tired or emotionally upset. REST and wait until you have recovered from either state.
  • Do not eat immediately before or after intense physical or mental exertion.
  • Eat only natural, live, unprocessed foods.
  • Fresh air and exercise are part of a nutritional program. Get your daily quota. Positively NO SMOKING.
  • Try to rest after each meal, if at all possible.
  • Strive for physical, mental and emotional balance.

General dietary instructions from Dr. Benesh:

  • With fresh fruit salad (a lunch or dinner) have dark green leafy lettuce, celery, and sprouts.
  • A little olive oil or sunflower seed oil may be used as a dressing. A few drops of lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit juice may be added. [Use no other salad dressing.]
  • Use sweet butter or sunflower oil on the steamed vegetables, sparingly.
  • All nuts and nut butters should be unroasted, RAW and unsalted.

Information picked from Dr. Benesh's recommendations and specific diets.

  • Jump on a trampoline once or twice daily to help lymph flow.
  • Breakfast is fruit, preferably apples.
  • Have lots of salad and include plenty of lettuce (not iceberg) and sprouts.
  • All vegetables are fresh or steamed.
  • No starches except brown rice, corn, potato, and sweet potato; and only one per day.
  • "Fast" one day per week on juice or watermelon. (Watermelon is a better cleanser.)
  • Have 8oz. juice before every meal, if possible; otherwise, have about 10oz. at breakfast and dinner. "Juice" varies with the diet, but it is always fresh. Common are carrot-celery and apple-celery. Wait about 10-15 minutes before eating meal.
  • Nuts are eaten at the end of a smaller meal (breakfast or salad). Wait 10-15 minutes after meal. Recommended amount varies from 3 to 5 oz.

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