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3.5 The Optimum Diet

Let's review the physiology of digestion so that we may determine the optimum human diet. First, it is obvious that man is built to be a gardener and harvester of fruits, vegetables and nuts. He does not possess the physical apparatus that the carnivorous animals have. Second, the teeth, saliva and digestive enzymes of man point to a diet consisting mainly of fruits and non-starchy, vegetables.

Third, the length of the small intestine is too long to handle putrefying meat and is too short for grasses and grains. Humans should eat a high fiber, high-moisture diet to insure health of the small and large intestines.

From these observations, it is evident that the optimum articles of diet for man are fresh fruits and succulent vegetables. Strictly speaking, based upon man's digestive physiology, the following raw foodstuffs make up the optimum diet, listed in order of preference:

  1. Fresh fruits;
  2. Succulent fruit-like vegetables;
  3. Leafy greens and sprouts;
  4. Non-starchy vegetables; and
  5. Nuts and seeds.

The following foods, while not optimum, can be handled by man's digestive physiology in small amounts when properly combined:

  1. Starchy vegetables;
  2. Grains and
  3. Legumes.

The next foods, while sometimes eaten on a vegetarian, diet, are not well adopted to man's physiology and place an undue strain on the organism:

  1. Free oils; and
  2. Dairy products.

These foods are definitely disruptive of man's health and are not compatible with his physiology:

  1. Meat;
  2. Eggs;
  3. Refined starches and sugars;
  4. Salt, herbs, spices, etc.;
  5. All processed, preserved and artificial foods; and
  6. Cooked foods.

The person desiring optimum health should eat exclusively from the first list of foods. These foods are most compatible with human physiology. Within this category, foods should be eaten in moderate amounts and in proper combinations.

The ultimate diet that is most conducive to human physiology and that promotes the highest level of health is the mono-fruit diet; that is, the eating of a single variety of fruit for each meal.

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